Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Dragons of Faerûn

SHOPPING, you get the Nissa discount

We spent some time diving up the loot from killing the wyrm. Everyone got a fair share of the loot. Blagothkustook the castle and headed out after giving Caleb a token that he could summon him back if ever we needed him again. Thankfully we had a bag of holding for the sliver that was left. At this point the head of Silvery Moon approached us with a company of knight all dressed up. They looked like they were ready for a ball not battle. He spoke of giving the town a cut of the treasure or some such none senescence, seems like typical lordly tax to me. Nissa Timbers gave her portion or the treasure to the town for an orphanage and we donated the rest of the silver and copper that we could not carry to the town. An owl landed with a message and scrolls of teleportation with a meeting time.
The rest of the time was spent acquiring trinkets, weapons, and potions from the owner of the shop. The shop owner was head over heels for her. Any worse I think he would have proposed to her on the spot. Nissa Timbers has to stop being so modest. She’s come along way and we have a long way left to go yet. Everyone made out well in the shop. I traded the sword for a horn that summons spirts, I hope it is enough help the group. Nightshade made a good point in saying that more help will aid Nissa Timbers. The shop keeper assured me it was a good trade he seemed like an ok human, if he swindled me I will be back and take it out on his hide. I have not been able to master the sword its useless to me If I could not master it any way. I have to admit I feel better now that the damn thing is gone Nightshade and Ithil where right I was getting carried away with it, its not healthy I don’t want to end up like the elf. There are many vices a person can have that sword was becoming one of mine.

With this down time I am left to reflect on what an adventure is. It’s a dirty thankless profession. You get sent to far flung places that most have never heard of, dealing with people that usually want to kill you the second they look at you. We don’t get steady reliable pay like the regular army, mercenaries, or even town guard. An adventure takes the jobs that no one else wants or is too dangerous for the rest. Often the chance of survival is low and the rewards lower. Want someone dead on the cheap hire an adventure, want a government overthrown get some adventures so on and so forth. We are one slime step above thugs, highway men, murders, and thieves, but it’s that step that make all the difference. Death is ever a companion just out of reach always ready to embrace the unlucky, un-weary or un- prepared. Why do it? The simple answer is freedom, you don’t have to answer to a lord or commander in the army, you are not subject to a contract with a mercenary band, you don’t have to answer to town folk with being a guard. All of the gold you make goes into getting better weapons or trinkets to make sure you can survive the next encounter or to whatever vise you have. Any time things get to tuff we can walk away, the others do not have that freedom and is why they look down on us. The chance for some coin is usually an afterthought, it always comes down to being able to walk your own path the way you want to. The only people you answer to are those you travel with. These can be temporary alliances or lifelong friends. Each adventurer makes that choice to trust, to lead, to follow, to strive for more, all ways looking for the horizons horizon.



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