Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Dragons of Faerûn

End of the module.

I am not dumbing it down like normal

We stood watching the darkness, seeing three figures come in and out tempting us to follow them into the gloom. Rurik Stoneshaft created a barrier to ward the lurking creatures. Out of the shadows lurched two vampire spawn. One hit the barrier and found the meaning of true fear running off scurrying back to the shadows that spewed it forth. The other braver child of the night tested the barrier searching for a way in the party tested his mantle and found him wanting. Nightshade took particular ire to the vampire spawn lighting the corpse on fire, managing only to burn the clothing from the body. Ithil and Nightshade scouted the magical darkness while the rest of the party tried to lure the remaining treats to the barrier. Having seen their comrade dispatched by us the remaining vampires thought better of it and let us be. The elves went off to scout the area and came up with the idea of going in the control room to see if we can land the castle and stop the cash from reaching its destination. The only way in was a window near the top of the tower, up they went without hesitation. Nightshade was able to blend in seamlessly into her surroundings. Ithilhowever was not as successful at obfuscating, dangling a leg out into the window. Blagothkus seen his foot and called him down to account for himself, which Ithil bravely did. The other giants with Blagothkus tried to provoke Ithil. After passing that trial and some negotiating with the giant, I was asked to bring in the sword as prof that we had killed most of the cultist and Rezmir. The Giant gave us a further task once we accomplished it he bestow on the group some trinkets of worth. Our task to kill the remaining vampires, we know where their layer might be and set out to accomplish his request. We looked in the old tower that was in bad shape where some previous scouting had revealed a coffin to be at the base of it. However the only way in was again through a window at the top of that tower. Ithil asked that a second way in be created, the strength of giants still flowing through my veins from the potions I obliged him. Opening up a small hole at the bottom for Nissa Timbers and proceeded to join the elves at the window. We all decided to go in at the same time. The malignant spirits were waiting for us. Nightshade got charmed by the fully fledged vampire on the opening exchange along Ithil ran afoul the vampire spawn and got entangled. Nissa Timbers conjured a magical storm in the tower launching a barrage of lightning bolts upon the fiends, each in turn healing all of the damage inflicted upon their foul bodies. The main fiend out of reach I tried to help Ithil out of the spawns embrace. Slashing with my sword for all I was worth did little to entice the lesser vampire to loosen its grasp. Ithil used a hidden talent and summon an eagle to fight by his side. The eagle buffeted by the storm and disoriented from being summoned missed his first attack on the lead vampire. His second landed to great effect inflicting the first our first physical damage to foul creature. Which it promptly healed fully, the vampire turned its attention now on Ithil charming him next. Nightshadewith an addled mind wandered around the tower along with Ithil and his new pet. The main vampire still out of reach I grappled the spawn and leaped off the ledge hoping to land on Nightshade to break the spell she was under. My aim was far less true then my intentions and I missed horribly. I was able to maintain my hold on the spawn and blade thankfully. Nissa Timberscontinued her relentless assault on the fiends. Our paladins where not up to the task of climbing the tower side. To further our woes a plague of bats was loosed on us by the main vampire. Nightshade cried not knowing why her “friends” where fighting, the first weakness I have even seen from the elf. The lesser vampire attempted rest free of my grip it might as well tried to move the tower for all the effort it put into it. Sensing an opening in the spawn’s guard I brought my sword into play slashing it once and then skewering it. I raised it up over my head with the blade Nissa Timbers blasted it with the full power of the storm using the sword as a conduit. Nothing remained of the vampire. The full vampire sought to avenge it’s lost comrade setting its charming gaze on me, thankfully I was able to overcome it. The paladins where able to finally enter the fray. The battle raged back and forth with the vampire. Seeing his new “friend” imperiled Ithil sent his eagle to hoist the vampire away. Cursing our luck and the fates everyone tried to bring the eagle down before it could reach the safety of window and refuge from our tools of war with no success. The vampire either through wanting to make sure its coffin was safe or enraged at the loss of its spawn choose to wade back into the fight with us. Which proved to be its undoing. Rurik Stoneshaft summoned another column of light to trap the beat and the final blow was struck. The fowl trickster had one last card to play and displaced itself into a mist. This mist sought out the refuge of its coffin to recompose its corporeal body. Drake Greystoneblasted it with a radiant light that fully purged its foulness from this plain. Blagothkustrue to his word gave us the promised trove and directed the castle to Silverymoon where they can deal with the dragon and its horde of treasure. The party rests. We were lucky this time, someone could have died. How many near brushes with death or desperate rallies do we have left before some miss steps and runs afoul of some demon, monster, undead thing, or dragon? I know of a way to even the odds in our favor and I have decided to attune myself to the sword. It’s rejected me once all ready and I could feel it trying to wrest control of my body. This is the only way I know how to protect the group they mean more to me than my own life through the power of this evil weapon. If I can save them will that erase my past transgressions? If the path through redemption takes me through all the levels of the lower plains I will gladly pay it to save them. I WILL MASTER THIS SWORD.



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