Female High Elf Rogue, Neutral Evil, Noble Background


Nightshade is a female high elf of the moon and a neutral evil rogue with a noble background.

Personality traits: If you do me injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.

Ideals: I must prove I can handle myself without the coddling of my family.

Bonds: Common folk must see me as a hero.

Flaws: Insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.



Nightshade was once known as Elissana Nahdi. She hails from the land of Calimshan in southwestern Faerûn, the only female child of the elf noble Nahdi family of Calimport. After a difficult pregnancy plagued by fevers, pain, and distressing dreams, her mother, a beautiful and demure elf named Naima, died giving birth to her. Elissana was largely raised by a human governess, an uneducated but kind woman named Farooq. She showed a fierce and independent spirit from an early age, and her father and two older brothers resented her for having caused the death of Naima and for being such a poor replacement for her — Elissa had none of Naima’s sweet and gentle nature. Her childhood was a difficult one and she spent much of her time alone, amusing herself with tricks involving acrobatics and sleight-of-hand and daring herself to pick pockets, eventually graduating to stealing from the houses of other nobles, generally items of little value, because she had no real need for money.

At the age of 16, Elissana awoke to a chaotic scene. Smoke filled her room and shouting could be heard throughout the house. Rushing to the door to her chamber, she felt intense heat. She scampered out the window and scaled down the wall of her home but in the process fell and injured her leg. She crawled away from the house and as she sat in the grass nursing her leg, she was struck from behind. She awoke, bound in rope, on a ship which was sailing on the Shining Sea, filled with raiders dressed in black and covered in tattoos. She unsuccessfully attempted to learn their purpose in kidnapping her and destination, but she kept secret her ability to slip out of the ropes that bound her and waited for an opportunity to escape. One evening, the raider assigned to keep watch over her fell into a drunken slumber. Elissana quickly freed herself and used the guard’s dagger to slit his throat. She used the rope to lash together a few boards and after slung over her shoulder a bag containing the clothes and ring she was wearing when kidnapped, along with a scroll attesting to her family pedigree which also had clearly been stolen by the raiders as well for their inscrutable purposes. She pocketed the dagger and a canteen, and she and her makeshift raft plunged overboard into the Shining Sea. After nearly nine days at sea, just as the last of her water was running out, she came into sight of land of Thindol on the Chultan peninsula. After finding water and recovering some of her strength, she realized that Thindol was overrun with packs of Yuan-ti marauders and she fled south toward the Sanrach Mountains. At the foothills of these mountains, being pursued by a band of Yuan-ti malisons, an apparition claiming to be an avatar of the goddess Leira appeared to her and offered to show her the way to safety and an offer for “rebirth enshrouded by the Lady of the Mists” in exchange for an oath of fealty. When Elissana agreed, she was shown a secret path through the Sanrach mountains, shielded by illusions. She thus made her way through the Sanrach Mountains and into the land of Samarach. Here she took up an rootless residence in Samargol and took a new name, Nightshade, to mark her devotion to the Lady of the Mists. She utilized her skills of stealing to subsist and spent the next 8 years living the life of a rogue and a thief. Always listening for chatter that might provide a good lead for thievery, Nightshade began hearing tales of dragons being encountered with increasing frequency throughout Faerûn. One night, she began having a strange sequence of apocalyptic dreams recurring every five nights. In these dreams, the world is destroyed by cold, choking fumes, lightning storms, waves of acid, and horrible fire. Each time, the dream ends with ten evil eyes glaring at Nightshade from the darkness. Nightshade also began to feel a compulsion to travel to Greenest, although she had never been there before.


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