Calserra Nobleshield

Female dwarf, neutral good alignment


Calserra is a dwarf that the party met in Waterdeep. She caught the eye of Savan Anvilbreaker and initially feigned ignorance about the party and their mission, but soon revealed that she had been sent by Leosin Erlanthar to keep an eye on the adventuring party as they traveled with the Dragon Cult and tracked the treasure that was looted from Greenest. She is a capable fighter and affiliates herself with The Harpers.
Calserra hails from the Sword Mountains. She served as a member of the military/city watch for the town of Leilon, as a member of the Lances of Leilon. She was recruited by and became an operative for the Harpers. She has been working with Leosin in order to gather information about the activities of the Cult of the Dragon. She plans to accompany the party on the High Road as it travels past the Sword Mountains and the Mere of Dead Men.
She often has a twinkle in her eye and finds it amusing to watch adventurers who are a bit out of their depth, but would lend a hand if members of the party were truly in danger.



Calserra Nobleshield

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