Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Dragons of Faerûn

Dragon battle

short one due to savan's limited view of the engagement.

Blagothkus asked a further boon from us. He asked us to slay the dragon so he could fully cleans the castle. There was some hot debate on whether we should or not, with nightshade fully abstaining. Ithal, Caleb, and I had a hot debate on how to go after the dragon. We went with Calebs suggestion and the mage bravely went out to confront the dragon alone. Caleb quickly got back to us through teleportation. I don’t know what happened but whatever Caleb did really pissed the dragon off. There was more talk of what to do. Knowing that there is a village near by and I did not want to relive Greenest I started off for the dragon’s lair. Everyone followed thankfully, nearing the cave I got a sense of crippling dread and could go no further. Drake Greystone tried the cave only to come back battered and wounded. The songs of battle called me but my feet could not be motivated to dance to the tune. Ithal, nissa, and Caleb battled the beast, I was not there for the details of the fight. They bested the wyrm and took some horrendous damage in the process. At this point Caleb is melting the ice the dragon’s horde is trapped in. Everyone else is getting some much needed healing or rest. Me, I am left to reflect; the party nearly died again, I feel responsible scrambling around like green beardless youth in his first battle. Once we get to Slivermoon I will find someone to help me with the sword, that or find something the will give me the strength to make sure my friends don’t die with my cut of the treasure it should not be a problem.



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