Savan Anvilbreaker

Male Mountain Dwarf Barbarian, Gladiator


Savan is a mountain dwarf barbarian with a gladiator background and a chaotic alignment.

Personality Traits: No one stays angry at me for long; can calm things down in most situations.

Ideals: The world is in need of new ideas and actions.

Bonds: Will do most anything for band.

Flaws: I have trouble keeping true feelings hidden; my sharp tongue lands me in trouble. Killed clansman in the ring.

Very bonded to the group. Will follow NIssa into the gates of the Abyss if she asked. Hes amused by Nightshade if only she where a dwarven lass. Ithil is handy in a fight and a great drinking comrade. Drake would have made a proper shield dwarf if it where not for the fact that hes a human, has aided me like few others in my life have in battle. Caleb I am still forming an opinion on, hes eager to throw a fire ball and tricky.



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Savan Anvilbreaker

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